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Capacity Figures

Where a premises requires a licence under the Licensing Act 2003, the responsible person may need to calculate the maximum occupancies for the premises, or for part of the premises.
From 1st October 2006 all workplaces currently subject to the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997, as amended 1999, will be required to produce a fire risk assessment under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

C.N.A Risk Management can undertake to calculate occupancy figures in an effort to operate your business to its full potential.
As part of the licensing process the applicant should include in their operating schedule the steps they will take to promote the 4 licensing objectives. The licensing objectives under the Act include public safety and the fire brigade will be consulted by the Licensing Authority on this aspect of the application. The operating schedule should therefore contain a Fire Risk Assessment highlighting any significant findings, arising out of the assessment and any remedial actions necessary.

In order to avoid issues arising over public safety relating to fire risk, applicants are strongly advised to submit a Plan on a minimum scale of 1:100 indicating the fire safety provisions in place, this should include available Exits and associated routes, Fire Alarm if fitted, Emergency Lighting and Fire fighting Equipment. Regulations yet to be published may make this a requirement.
The plan should clearly state the Occupancy and how the figure had been reached. The Licensing Authority may attach conditions relating to the maximum occupancy level/s after consultation with all statutory consultees, if the operating schedule does not include such details or there are objections to the proposed occupancy level.

Further information on how to compile a Fire Risk Assessment and calculate an appropriate occupancy figure is available on the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service website.
Where existing legislation does not provide adequately for the safety of the public or club members the Licensing Authority may include additional conditions to ensure the safety of occupants.
The licensee shall, to the best of his/her ability, maintain and keep good order and decent behaviour on the said premises during the time of the public entertainment and notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing the licensee shall:

Provide an acceptable system of:
Controlling entry.
Identifying the number of persons present on the premises at any given moment in time.
Stewarding the premises where the number of people admitted exceeds 50.

Produce on demand to any authorised officer of the Authority, the Police and Fire and Rescue Service evidence of the number of persons present on the premises.

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